My Journey Began Like this

Getting pregnant was a dream of mine. I grew up in a big family watching many of my siblings being born, I remember the blanket put in the corner where I and my siblings sat watching and waiting for the next one's arrival. My mum didn't say a whole lot when I was growing up about babies and having them but she showed me the best example I could ever have and that was that birth is natural, in its natural environment, undisturbed, surrounded in love and support it was beautiful and powerful, she never made me feel like it was something to fear or even to put a focus on pain, she simply showed me birth, in all its rawness and beauty. My mother had 9 children vaginally and 5 of us were free-birthed at home.

Why I Chose This Path

Through the birth of my first son and the unplanned presence of my doula in the second half of my labour, it drew me to the amazing peace and assurance I felt with her there. I never knew what a doula was until my mother hired one and I was opened to the amazing world of this beautiful birth support. I felt drawn to what I knew I was able to do, I knew the difficulty of labour and believed I can give that support back for others in one of our most vulnerable and sometimes needy times as is pregnancy birth and postpartum care.

My Aim For You

My aim for you as your doula is something I take seriously and with great care.

As a mother, I am able to show compassion and understanding with you. To bring forward experience and ideas that may benefit you whether it be your first or subsequent child. I am able to provide different levels of support for you throughout pregnancy and postpartum that involves your children as I know from my own experience what really helps in adjusting to a new sibling in the family.

As a doula, I am able to extend my passion and love of pregnancy, birth, babies and motherhood through my own experiences and education. I want you to know how to follow your body and know your strength to birth your baby.

As a Christian, my business is founded on my core morals and beliefs. From the start, I have set out to set my faith before me as my guide to follow. I use this to determine little and big decisions such as the direction to go in social media content and the courses that will be the best use of my skills to be an added asset to my business. Prayer gives me peace and contentment when awaiting the clients right for me and shows me when to speak up or stay silent. I have always felt that my clients are handpicked to suit my individual skillset.

"Although birth is only one day in the life of a woman, it has an imprint on her for the rest of her life".              Ina May Gaskin


The act of education, loving, respecting, listening, embracing, advocating for and assisting a woman prenatally, during labour, childbirth and after.