Postpartum Care

The 4th Trimester

Postpartum is sadly not often something you will hear expectant mothers speaking about and preparing for when pregnant.

Another name for it is the '4th Trimester', you will hear this term even less.
After having two babies and going through the 4th trimester twice really helped me understand the need for the right care and attention to certain areas in a new mothers life. It's one thing to go through labour and birth but another entirely to then feel confident to tackle the life of a new mother, even if you already have 1 or more children underfoot. 
A mother needs to have time to bond, to establish feeding and to heal, she should not have to worry or stress about keeping the house tidy, following after the other little ones and especially not about the cooking. 

The Role of A Postpartum Doula

The role of a postpartum doula can take on many needs or wants.
They will often provide a service of a list of things which include, assisting mum with breastfeeding,

holding baby so mum can shower, rest, sleep etc,

give tips and tricks on settling baby, 

helping mum and dad to debrief the birth, 

cleaning, which can include the dishes, vacuuming, sweeping, putting on and hanging out washing etc. 

a basic tidy of the house,

watching the children,

making or prepping meals,

providing healthy nutritious recipes.

Don't feel overwhelmed and stressed
with a new baby in the house.   

Overnight postpartum support prices coming soon

Post Natal Doula Packages


1-5 visits
1-3hrs per visit                       


Hourly rates are negotiable depending on your situation.


x4 visits
3hrs min
$40hr                           Total = $480

Any of these packages are available

to be used from birth to 6wks