My Services

Free Consultation 

I provide a free consultation with you so we can meet and be in a stress-free environment to get to know you and your birth desires.

If possible I like to meet with both mum and dad at this time as it is crucial that the partner is on board with the doula present at your babies birth.

Phone & Email Support 

I provide continuous support for all my clients and their partners via phone and email for any questions or support you may have.

Prenatal Visits 

Depending on the type of birth package you desire will determine how many prenatal and postnatal visits I include, but for any package, I always do at least 1-2 prenatal visits so that I may get to know you, help you to write a birth plan and also prepare myself for how I may best serve you.

Professional Information 

With each client that decides to hire me as their doula, I have a legal contract that needs to be read and agreed upon by both mother and father and signed by both and myself as a means of respecting myself, what I do in a guarantee to you and also to keep a high respect for the doula profession.

Postpartum follow-up visit 

Depending on the package you decide on, I always like to do at least 1 postpartum visit to make sure you're all settling in. I bring a meal and a gift for mum along with any pictures I have taken during the birth. I offer to deliver placenta capsules etc if needed. I also help around the house and with any other children if desired.

"Whenever and wherever you intend to give birth, your experience will impact your emotions, your mind, your body, and your spirit for the rest of your life.
                                                    Ina May Gaskin

My beautiful second son Arthur

Photo credit: Keelan Parker

As a Doula, I :

Provide continuity of care

from the moment of contract signing I am your friend, I am an ear for any questions or concerns, I am that person who never leaves your side and my care continues with postpartum care for you and bub.

Help in advocating 

With the use of your birth plan/s, I offer my support for you be strong and empowered to speak up for your choice but also understand that Birth takes us to a different place and it's important to know that someone else is able to know and understand your desires and through you birth plan with your prior permission I can speak up on your behalf to make certain that nothing is done to override your wishes.

Assist you in writing your care plans.

Writing a care plan is important, it is a vital part of your journey in your pregnancy in becoming knowledgable and informed so that you can make the best decisions for you and your baby's birth. I assist you in writing our your birth, postpartum and also a breastfeeding plan.

Assist you in tuning in to your intuition

Your ability to listen to your intuition is the most vital tool in your birthing kit. When I support you I want you to know what it looks like and show you how to access this knowledge of your body, your baby and their needs.