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Client reviews in words of love

"Rebekah was just such a valued part of my birth and pregnancy. 
she was just great during my pregnancy, she is very calm and her presence is warm and calming and If I ever had any fears or concerns she would help me through. Come my labour/birth she was just amazing and 5 weeks on I still remember the difference she made to my labour, whispering words of comfort and reminding me to drink water. she was just the perfect support and I thank you so much xoxoxox"

- Tarynn

Rebekah was really supportive of my birth wishes. She remained calm during my breech birth which was very helpful during intense pain. She made sure all my needs were met and that I was as comfortable as possible. Having her there helped give me courage! It was a very empowering moment and I am glad she got to be a part of it. Thank you so much for your support and being a part of my little girl's birth!  


"Rebekah is a wonderful, supportive soul who will help you get the birth of your dreams. She supports not only mum and bub, but also dad by providing advice, resources and comforting words to help everyone through this transition. 
She supported me through my pregnancy and birth with the love and care that all new parents should be entitled to. She provided me with information and resources to help me make the most informed decisions about how I wanted to birth. She sat down with me and talked through my birthing experience and answered any questions I had. Rebekah also helped me establish a good bond with my bub through breastfeeding and she will do the same for you and more!"

- Emma

"Rebekah has been the perfect support person during my pregnancy and birthing journey. She is knowledgeable and was to answer any questions or concerns i had and if she couldn't straight away she took the time to research and find the answer for me, while my birthing plans didn't go as originally planned Rebekah stood by me and supported me the best she could, while ending up needing a c section Rebekah made my birth a calming experience, I felt calm, positive and supported the whole way through. I could not have asked for a better support person. Thank you for everything you have done the past several months, you are truly amazing Bek!"


"Rebekah is the perfect doula for your birth! She's knowledgeable, encouraging, stands firm with you in your choices and most of all she is all the support you'll need and more! She takes her role very seriously but at the same time adds loads of love and kindness to your birthing experience! Birth should be blissful and beautiful and Rebekah will help you accomplish this like she did mine! She went above and beyond for my birth, she was always there when I needed her pre and post-birth. When my husband needed more information to get more comfortable with homebirth she went out of her way to get all the evidence and statistics to ease his mind and when it came to the birth itself she talked us through it one affirmation at a time making it the most beautiful and empowering experience ever! My boy entered the world into a beautiful ambience and calm environment which is exactly what I wanted! Thank you, Rebekah!"

- Vanessa

"Rebekah was so considerate and helpful during labour. She was the exact support I needed when my husband had to support the baby, due to the baby being premmie. She advocated for me and helped me in the way that was sensitive to me during that time. :) Thank you, Rebekah." ❤       

- Renee

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